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Tree pruning has a variety of benefits. Most importantly, it keeps property and people around it safe. Dead or diseased branches can fall at any time, endangering nearby people and property, and obstructing power lines. Tree branch cutting and tree maintenance is always the best course of action. Depending on the tree’s size, and the location of the branches that need removing, tree trimming itself is very dangerous, and should always be left to a professional tree care specialist.

That is why at Landtek Environmental Services LLC, we offer reliable tree trimming in Orlando, FL. There are several reasons why trimming and shaping your tree is important. Tree pruning can affect the way the tree grows, and with proper tree trimming techniques, a tree can grow with a certain attitude of branches that is conducive to its structural integrity. By maintaining your tree’s structure, you can reduce the risk of limbs breaking and branches falling.

A properly shaped tree prevents compromising branch structures and poor weight distribution that could lead to catastrophic damage later on. Additionally, tree pruning can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the tree, and even potentially increase the market value of your property.

Tree trimming is usually the most common type of tree maintenance we provide, but it is important to know when to prune. Of course emergency branch removal necessitates immediate action, but aside from that, tree trimming should be done in the dormant season—either late fall or winter. Like any other creature or organism, trees are vulnerable to stress, and removing their branches at the wrong time does negatively affect the tree.

Regular tree trimming is also beneficial for the plants below, as they receive more sustenance from the sunlight, thereby benefiting the rest of your landscape. If you fear your tree may be infested or diseased, we are happy to offer tree inspections to determine the best course of action.

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