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As far as the beautification of your landscape goes, having a tree on your property can be a great thing. A tree can undoubtedly enrich your curbside appeal tremendously. Sadly, however, not all trees were made equal, and a tree growing errantly can incur major problems. At the very first indication of any potential hazards or problems, it is important that you call on an arborist for a tree removal consultation.

If you are in need of immediate tree removal in Orlando, FL, count on Landtek Environmental Services LLC to get the job done safely and securely. We understand that there maybe a little reluctance in contacting a tree hauling service, but it is important to consider the tree might pose serious dangers to people around and adjacent structures, power lines, and property.

Trees can also run the risk of rupturing sewer lines or plumbing systems, if their roots underground can threaten to pull the pipe lines out of place. To say this would create major costly damage would be an understatement. Roots can even obstruct concrete sidewalks, and even if the crack is minor, someone falling and being injured may have the capacity to file a lawsuit. A tree encroaching upon such risks should be removed immediately.

The most obvious reasons tree cutting is necessary is if your tree is dead or dying, or has been damaged by a storm, as they pose the biggest dangers. Other common reasons we remove a tree is to make space for impending renovation projects, such as home additions and deck or pool installations.

Our arborists and tree experts are highly trained and experienced in providing safe and reliable tree removal. If the tree is dangerously close to your house or power lines, you can count on our team to get the job done safely, with minimal impact to your surrounding plant life. From fallen tree removal to damaged tree removal, we have got you covered.

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