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Stumps do more than detract from the appearance of your home and property. When you have tree stumps inundating the landscape, they prevent you from enjoying and making full use of the space. Trying to mow around tree stumps and their roots is not only hazardous; it can damage your lawnmower.

More importantly, as stumps dry out, they begin to attract bees, roaches, termites, beetles, ants, and even small rodents. These pests can soon travel to other nearby structures, including your home. They also interrupt nearby plant life and can easily spread throughout your lawn. It is best that you hire a professional tree company to remove the stumps for you. For this reason, we at Landtek Environmental Services LLC offer fast and effective stump grinding in Orlando, FL.

At Landtek Environmental Services LLC, we are able to remove stumps without harming the surrounding landscape or damaging nearby structures. We utilize professional-grade, high-tech stump grinders that quickly and effectively remove stumps below ground level by burrowing into them as the machine grinds. Our professional grinding machines are equipped with carbide teeth that make the job even faster. We can quickly grind into wood mulch that you can use later as an ideal natural fertilizer in your garden.

Our cutting-edge stump removal equipment is effective in preventing roots from spreading, in addition to preparing the soil for planting flowers, shrubs, or even another tree. Our stump grinders usually mulch down about seven to nine inches below the surface, but we can penetrate further down if necessary. The deeper we mulch, the more we can eliminate drainage problems that the leftover roots can cause if you plan to replant the area.

If you have noticed an infestation forming in your stump, Landtek Environmental Services LLC also offers emergency removal to curtail the problem before it spreads. When you need a stump removal service you can count on, look no further than our renowned team.

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